The Crossroads Cafe Podcast

Listen to the stories of women from around the world who’ve turned their passion into profit. Every business starts with an idea but you need a plan to turn that idea into your reality. These women have done just that and are here to share their experiences, wisdom and top tips with you.

Every week Felicity Lerouge (Leadership & Development Consultant) and Emma Gaba (Confidence Coach) get together and have conversations with female entrepreneurs creating business success, and financial freedom for themselves and their families.

Yep, you can read all the best books on how to build a successful business, but there’s still no substitute for listening to people who’ve actually done it.

Learn from their mistakes, be encouraged by their insights, and be inspired to get out there and start creating the life and business of your dreams.

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"I loved the podcast. I was listening whilst doing the washing but had to sit down and grab my notebook! Crossroads Cafe will definitely be one I carry on listening to"
- Louise Mary

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The Essential Start-up Guide is your 'go-to' resource that'll support you in taking action towards creating your dream business.